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8 reasons to wait to file your 2020 taxes

Sometimes I come across an article that just says it best. So rather than quoting Kay Bell, here is her article on way you may want to wait to file your taxes this season.

Kay is a journalist who specializes in all things taxes. She has been writing on this topic for years. And yes, I have mentioned her here many times. She literally has hundreds of articles written over the years. She is a good writer who can put tax information into every day plain English. You can check out her web site here:

Here is the list of the 8 reasons. You can find the link to her complete article below.

1. To get a bigger COVID-19 economic impact payment (EIP).

2. To get more money based on your children.

3. To make sure you have all your tax statements.

4. To make sure you have all other tax information.

5. To sort through your personal tax complexities.

6. To allow you to find a tax professional.

7. To ensure you understand your return.

8. To get your return right the first time.

If you want to see how any of these might affect your personal taxes, just give us a call.


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