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IRS still working on 2019 returns

We continue to get requests from tax payers with help on 2019 returns and tax notices. As late as Christmas day 2019, the IRS reported still having 6.9 million tax returns to process. The January 2021 entry says that the Service has made significant progress on this. One of my favorite tax writers is Kay Bell. She has an excellent article on this, so rather than cut and pasting I will just post the link to her article. But I will give you some highlights. You can read her article here. Some highlights: At one point the IRS had over 23 million pieces of unopened mail, mail that also included payments. Respond quickly to any notices you may receive. Do not file a second return or contact the IRS about the status of your return. Do not stop payment on any uncleared checks or resend a payment. It will only further delay the process. There are still delays due to COVID concerns. The final point made. The IRS is asking for patience. Call us if you need help with any of your tax issues.

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